Trinket at PAX East 2013


It’s about time we posted about Trinket’s experience at PAX East! About a month ago Tom, Ben, and I made our very first leap into the game convention world.

Chris Cobb from Ragtag Studio had mentioned that he and his team were attending PAX along with the Men Who Wear Many Hats, Young Horses, and Sinister Design. Immediately, Trinket’s interest was piqued! How could we resist joining our friends and fellow Chicago indies on their adventure?


Our main goal was to enter the Indie Megabooth (IMB) and join our allies. The amazing Kelly Wallick helped us through the process but the show floor was filled at the time, so Trinket was placed on the waiting list.

Since time was already ticking and getting off the waiting list was an uncertainty, we decided to also try for the PAX East Indie Showcase (PEIS). We submitted both Color Sheep and Orion’s Forge into the competition and then waited to hear from IMB and PEIS while continuing to work on our games.


The best holiday gift Trinket received last year’s December was learning that we had made off the waiting list and could be part of IMB, and shortly after that in January we got the great news that Orion’s Forge had been selected as a PEIS winner! Being new to everything in the indie game company world and hoping the extra exposure would pay off, we decided to keep both booths! We asked if our booths could be near each other (which they awesomely did!) and it worked out perfectly.


You can see Ben and I near the center of this image at our PEIS Orion’s Forge table! We made lots of new friends and had great neighbors around our booths. Our IMB space was on the other side of the curtain in the farthest bottom left of this photo.


The masses arrive! Seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they played our games for the first time was incredible and validated all the work we put in.


There was a lot of standing and non-stop talking over the course of the three days, but there was also a steady surge of adrenaline and positive atmosphere that kept us going.


It was cool to see how people played our games. Some people would use only their thumbs like holding a handheld system, some just used their index fingers and would tap and swipe like a DJ, a few even played with just one hand, stretching their thumb and pinky to reach across the screen. This pair turned Color Sheep into a two player game by each controlling one half of the screen! They did amazing!


We were really happy with how our DIY mini arcade cabinets turned out. They were a mixture of cardboard, glue, tape, book cloth, and love.


Throughout the show, Tom got the chance to do some really fun interviews! Here he is with the charming Ditto P. Monster!



IMB had an army of awesome volunteers that were really great in helping us set up and also keeping us fed and supported during the show, but Trinket was especially able to manage both spaces because our loved ones came! Jen, Tom’s girlfriend, Juley, Ben’s girlfriend, and David and Allen, my older brothers, were all there! They talked about our games as if they had made them and had a genuine enthusiasm and love for the projects that left Tom, Ben, and I truly touched. We are ever grateful for their continual support.









Trinket also could not have made it where it is without Chris Cobb, Kelly Wallick, our friend Valerie (NVSart Etsy Store) who handmade all our Woolson plushies with loving detail, and my friend Ed who helped me print some of our smaller artwork materials. Aside from being a volunteer Juley also snapped a ton of pictures for us so we could document this trip!

A big thank you to both IMB and PAX staff and volunteers for making Trinket’s very first convention experience as smooth as possible. Because of your efforts, PAX East was a blast!

Thank you to all those who stopped by our tables and tried our games and better yet, became our new friends! Love from Trinket to you where ever you are at!

During the show we held a raffle for one of our beloved rainbow Woolson plushies and we were surprised to receive such a huge list of e-mails. Congrats to the winner, TJ, and thanks to those who entered. To those who joined our mailing list, we’ll be sure to let you know about our next project in the future! Don’t worry, it will be super cool!


Though exhausting, we all had an incredible time and we’re so glad that we got to experience it all. Sorting through all the business cards, sending e-mails, and just handling more business tasks after PAX was a bit crazy but we’ve recovered fully and we’re excited for the prospect of attending more game conventions in the future where we’ll have something new to show!

Coming up this weekend we’ll be at C2E2 sharing a small booth with Hats and Ragtag. If you’re attending, please stop by. Cheers!