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Based in Chicago, Illinois

Release date:
Nov 20th, 2017

Steam PC / Mac and Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch


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Battle Chef Brigade features fantasy chefs, including Orcs, Elves, and Humans, who need to hunt dangerous monsters for ingredients. With those ingredients, before the critical eye of the judges, the chefs create culinary masterpieces in an intense tournament. Battle Chef Brigade pairs one part combo-based action hunting and one part puzzle-based cooking, all as the round clock ticks down.


Battle Chef Brigade is the type of game that we quit out jobs to make, even if we didn't know it at the time. The game's genesis was in the communal lunch breaks we'd take while pitching game ideas for Trinket's third title. These meals would often take place around the TV, which without fail was always tuned to a cooking show of some kind. At some point we realized that a game about cooking that did justice to the creative fire of talented chefs was way better than any of the ideas we'd yet had. From there we spent a lot of time prototyping Battle Chef Brigade's cooking. We wanted to create a mechanic that wasn't just rote recipes and steps, but we weren't really sure what that meant. Though it took far longer than we expected, each prototype was invaluable for nailing down which aspects of cooking could be nicely abstracted into clear, fun mechanics and which were too clunky. On the programming side, we've been able to keep building on our years of industry experience. Integrating new characters, foods, and chef challenges will be a straightforward process since we've been preparing for them all along. We invested a good chunk of our time building a robust combat system that integrates into our animation tools. Our biggest remaining tasks are related to our illustrated, hand-animated art style. There are very few shortcuts to creating hand-drawn animations and environments. Our tools help smooth out the process, but each chef and monster still requires a lot of Photoshop time!


  • Hand drawn 2D animated characters and monsters.
  • Three playable chefs with their own short campaign which delves into each character's personality and cooking.
  • A chef's pairing of equal parts old-school brawler, match-three puzzler, served with a side of light RPG progression.
  • Daily challenge leaderboards where Battle Chefs can boast about their day's best culinary creations.
  • Deadly and delicious monsters. Subdue them in the arena!


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Awards & Recognition

  • "PAX East 2016 Indie Megabooth Selection" Boston, April 2016
  • "PAX Prime 2015 PAX 10" Seattle, August 2015
  • "Indy PopCon 2015 Reboot Indie Game Awards Winner" Indianapolis, July 2015

Selected Articles

  • "Battle Chef Brigade is an odd mix of at least three different genres: a match-three puzzle game, a fighting game, and an RPG all rolled into one. But, much like on the cooking-competition shows it's inspired by, these unexpected ingredients come together wonderfully."
    - Tom Marks, PC Gamer
  • "If you like cooking games but also like fantasy adventure, this is pretty much gold."
    - Keezy Young, Pixelkin
  • "Battle Chef Brigade stirs up cooking, combat and RPGs wonderfully."
    - Joey Davidson, Techno Buffalo

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Kickstarter (2014)
Battle Chef Brigade was successfully crowdfunded in September 2014. kickstarter.com.

Pre-orders available
Preorders of the game are available through BackerKit battlechefbrigade.com.

About Trinket Studios

Trinket Studios is a Chicago-based independent game studio comprised of Tom Eastman, Eric Huang, and Ben Perez. Together they focus on unqiue worlds with big characters.

More information
More information on Trinket Studios, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Battle Chef Brigade Credits

Tom Eastman
Cofounder, President, Programmer

Eric Huang
Cofounder, Artist

Ben Perez
Cofounder, Programmer

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