Polygon Article and New Game!

There’s a new feature over at Polygon today and it’s all about Trinket! Jeff Dunn interviewed us about Wideload/Disney, forming Trinket, and our new game!

We’ll be fully announcing Battle Chef Brigade soon, but for now, enjoy the article! It includes some great concepts, like the snippet below, that Eric did for some game ideas that didn’t make it.



Color Sheep is Free on Amazon!


Update: Color Sheep is no longer free on Amazon, but the game is still for sale everywhere!

The preliminary results of the sale are that we shipped 115,000 units on Amazon and our iOS sales went up slightly. We’re hoping that word of mouth keeps the bump alive!


For just today, Color Sheep is FREE on the Amazon App Store for your Android device!


Get this cute little guy to cheer for you if you’re brave enough to try Insane Mode!


We’ve been super focused on our next game and have neglected the blog! There’s lots going on over on our Facebook page, however!

Here are some highlights from the past month!

We got some cool fan art from Chris Pavia, developer of Dungeon Hearts:


And from the talented Christine Chong for Eric’s birthday:


Color Sheep is also now live on the Amazon App Store!


And the craziest news of all: Color Sheep was on MyFoxNY, shown off by Max Eddy of PCMag! Click the image for more! Here’s the spot, skip to 4:50 to see the Color Sheep segment.

onCamera3That’s all for now! Please check out our Facebook page for more frequent updates and (soon!) teasers for our new game!

A Big Wooly Update!



As a big thank-you to all our fans, we decided to give Color Sheep another update! Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Junior, Normal, and Insane difficulty modes to accommodate players of all skill levels!
  • Junior mode is designed for younger players and features slower wolves, on-screen color-mixing reminders, and a gentler difficulty progression.
  • Insane mode, on the other hand, is only for the most skilled shepherds! Wolves are much faster, new colors are introduced more quickly and in greater numbers, and no tutorial signs appear as reminders.
  • However, with greater risk comes great reward! We’ve added a new background and a series of creature companions to cheer Woolson on as he progresses through rounds.
  • Improved UI presentation across the board.
  • Normal mode has a much-improved difficulty ramp, progressing more reasonably through the colors and not cutting off the player so suddenly in the higher rounds.
  • Made items persist between rounds! Shields are now like an extra life.
  • Leaderboards should load and submit faster than before. However, due to game balance changes, the existing high score table will be reset. Top scorers from the previous version will probably want to start with Insane difficulty!
  • Improve texture quality on effects and backgrounds, particularly for Retina devices.
  • Game Center achievements!



Available_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40_0824Get it on Google Play

CS and OF Sales Figures


Hey all, Ben here!

It’s an exciting time here at Trinket Studios. Our brains are in high gear and storms are brewing! As part of our ramp into pre-production on the next title, we’re taking some occasional breathers to document our experiences with Color Sheep and Orion’s Forge. To that end, we’re very excited to finally share some sales numbers from our two 99 cent games with everyone!

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Trinket Financial Report


Howdy all, Trinket Ben here!

Now that Trinket Studios has two games out and a visit to PAX East under our belts, I thought I’d publish a retrospective on our expenses. Yes, we know, it’s super late! After our visit to PAX we jumped straight in on an update to Color Sheep that took about two weeks — a lot less than we budgeted for, but it also left us with little energy or bandwidth to properly document our experiences up until and through PAX. We’re finally weening off of Color Sheep work and focusing on new ideas and closing old books. Hopefully this information will be valuable to others who may be pondering the cost of starting their own company. I know I wish I had found more information like this when we started!

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Trinket at PAX East 2013


It’s about time we posted about Trinket’s experience at PAX East! About a month ago Tom, Ben, and I made our very first leap into the game convention world.

Chris Cobb from Ragtag Studio had mentioned that he and his team were attending PAX along with the Men Who Wear Many Hats, Young Horses, and Sinister Design. Immediately, Trinket’s interest was piqued! How could we resist joining our friends and fellow Chicago indies on their adventure?

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Art of Orion’s Forge


Hello! Eric here! In Chicago we’re experiencing some serious April showers, so what better time than now to cozy up to a toasty blog post. If you’ve also been caught in the rain, settle down next to our creative hearth and have a moment to dry off. Today I’ll be discussing the entire visual and narrative journey of Orion’s Forge.

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