Latest celebrations!

Hello!  We’ve got more great news since our last post.  On Wednesday, April 10th, Color Sheep made it into the New York Times!


In addition to that amazingness, Orion’s Forge has been featured on the Google Play store since last Friday!  Our little puzzle game has also been selected as a Staff Pick!


Thanks to everyone who has purchased and played either (or BOTH) of our games so far!  Color Sheep is going to get a sweet update very soon that includes among other improvements, a new mode that will feature some cute critters to cheer our Knight of Light on as he battles in the fields beyond the forest.  Here’s just a taste of the new environment when it was a work in progress:


…and… a CORGI!  This pup gets his likeness from Chris Cobb’s amazing dog Cecil, who supports our fellow Chicago indie dev pals Ragtag Studio daily with his upbeat doggy ways.dogGIFsml

Stay tuned for more on our wooly laser color game.

Color Sheep featured on Google Play!

Hi folks! We’re still hard at work getting back up to speed after our awesome time at PAX East but we didn’t want to let the news slip by any further:

Since March 22nd, Color Sheep has been featured on Google Play!

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We’re so proud of our little lamb Woolson as he makes his way in the world! Thanks to all of you who enjoy the game and keep sharing the love.  Another update to Color Sheep is going to be developed in April and we hope it will bring you more laser firing excitement!