A Big Wooly Update!



As a big thank-you to all our fans, we decided to give Color Sheep another update! Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Junior, Normal, and Insane difficulty modes to accommodate players of all skill levels!
  • Junior mode is designed for younger players and features slower wolves, on-screen color-mixing reminders, and a gentler difficulty progression.
  • Insane mode, on the other hand, is only for the most skilled shepherds! Wolves are much faster, new colors are introduced more quickly and in greater numbers, and no tutorial signs appear as reminders.
  • However, with greater risk comes great reward! We’ve added a new background and a series of creature companions to cheer Woolson on as he progresses through rounds.
  • Improved UI presentation across the board.
  • Normal mode has a much-improved difficulty ramp, progressing more reasonably through the colors and not cutting off the player so suddenly in the higher rounds.
  • Made items persist between rounds! Shields are now like an extra life.
  • Leaderboards should load and submit faster than before. However, due to game balance changes, the existing high score table will be reset. Top scorers from the previous version will probably want to start with Insane difficulty!
  • Improve texture quality on effects and backgrounds, particularly for Retina devices.
  • Game Center achievements!



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2 thoughts on “A Big Wooly Update!

  1. Matthew Martin says:

    My friend are both usually in the top scores so this update was most welcome and something we’d been talking about for a bit. You guys are great at tweaking games and giving the people what they want! Thanks!

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