CS and OF Sales Figures


Hey all, Ben here!

It’s an exciting time here at Trinket Studios. Our brains are in high gear and storms are brewing! As part of our ramp into pre-production on the next title, we’re taking some occasional breathers to document our experiences with Color Sheep and Orion’s Forge. To that end, we’re very excited to finally share some sales numbers from our two 99 cent games with everyone!

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Trinket Financial Report


Howdy all, Trinket Ben here!

Now that Trinket Studios has two games out and a visit to PAX East under our belts, I thought I’d publish a retrospective on our expenses. Yes, we know, it’s super late! After our visit to PAX we jumped straight in on an update to Color Sheep that took about two weeks — a lot less than we budgeted for, but it also left us with little energy or bandwidth to properly document our experiences up until and through PAX. We’re finally weening off of Color Sheep work and focusing on new ideas and closing old books. Hopefully this information will be valuable to others who may be pondering the cost of starting their own company. I know I wish I had found more information like this when we started!

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Anatomy of a Rainbow

rainbow3The magic items and their corresponding visual effects ended up taking about a week to bring from concept to implementation, and working on them was one of the more iterative, productive, and fun periods of Color Sheep’s development cycle. Our primary goal was to introduce some forgiveness to the game — up until items were introduced, fumbling a color combo was pretty close to 100% fatal. This also presented us with an opportunity to add some visual flair to offset the fact that Woolson is immobile.

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Scene Manifest

This SceneManifest package is a tool for organizing scenes into explicit groupings (e.g. world 3, level 2) that you can query at run time. It also retains information about scenes included in your build. This can be useful if you need to take action based on whether or not a level can be loaded. Included is an example scene and script to demonstrate various ways the SceneManifest can be used.


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