Trinket Studios is a Chicago-based independent game studio co-founded by industry professionals Tom Eastman, Eric Huang, and Ben Perez. Together they focus on the rapid development of small games with big character.

Tom, Eric and Ben met in 2009 while working for Disney Interactive’s Wideload Games. Over the next three years they collaborated on Disney’s Guilty Party (Wii, 2010), Avengers Initiative: Hulk (iOS / Android, 2012), and a host of unannounced projects.

In 2012, the trio left to form Trinket Studios, where they quickly built up a handful of games and prototypes. Color Sheep and Orion’s Forge were released in early 2013, after which the team began work on Battle Chef Brigade!

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profileTomTom Eastman – President

Tom decided to work in the games industry the moment he saw a footman skewer an orc in Warcraft I. He spent his high school years teaching himself how to program awful games and, despite battling an ongoing Halo problem, graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in Computer Science with High Honors. While at Dartmouth, Tom interned with Garage Games and Wideload Games, where he headed upon graduation. During his three years at Disney/Wideload, Tom worked on Guilty Party, Avengers Initiative, and a host of prototypes before traipsing into the Indie Wilderness with Eric and Ben.

Games: Halo, Mass Effect, Shadowrun, League of Legends
Foods: Pie, Pizza, Curry
Animals: Cheetahs, Dragons
Authors: Vernor Vinge, Peter F. Hamilton, Isaac Asimov
Numbers: 10, 314

Twitter: @TrinketTom

profileBenBen Perez – Programmer

Ben is a games programmer living in Wheaton, Illinois and working in Chicago. Ben’s obsession with video games and computers began at the age of 5 when he was introduced to Super Mario Bros. on the NES. His parents are fond of recalling that he wasn’t able to get over the first pipe, but suffice it to say that Ben didn’t let that hurdle stop him! Ben pursued his passion through college and obtained a B.S. in Computer Game Development from DePaul University. In his senior year, Ben became an intern and eventually a full-time programmer at Wideload Studios, where he worked on Guilty Party and Avengers Initiative.

Games: Fallout, Left 4 Dead, Battlefield, Civilization
Food: Sushi, Pizza, Thai
Show: Arrested Development, Cowboy Bebop
Animal: Honey Badger

Twitter: @TrinketBen

profileEricEric Huang – Artist

Watching his two older brothers play games from the fat CRT, dial-up, floppy disk, DOS era had a huge impact on Eric growing up.  Combined with the humble beginnings of making flip-books and stick figure wars with his brothers, Eric continued in the habit of day dreaming and doodling ideas for new characters, stories, and game ideas that he hoped one day could be made.  Eric went from his hometown of NJ and received his BFA in Computer Animation from the School of Visual Arts.  He worked in the commercial industry in New York before making his way to Wideload Games as a staff concept artist.

Games: Guardian Heroes, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Nights, ICO
Food: any noodle or pasta dish
Show: Avatar: TLA + LOK
Animal: Red Panda

Twitter: @TrinketEric